sound piece, 15 min

IZBRANNAYA a sound work based on the RƎTRO/GRADƎ sound installation and performance.

This audio work is a five-microphone recording of the performer's movements and breath during the performance of RƎTRO/GRADƎ.

Recorded in dead silence, IZBRANNAYA captures the intensity and intimacy of a body undergoing a journey of endurance, resistance, and release.

Titled in reference to Vaslav Nijinsky's Rite of Spring(1913), izbrannaya (russian for chosen one) is the name of the ballet's main protagonist; one chosen to dance to death and commune with the Earth.

IZBRANNAYA is performed by Synne Maria Lundesgaard. The choreography for ⁣RƎTRO/GRADƎ is by Georgia Tegou.

Sound post-production by Christopher Hartwig.
Mixing/Mastering by The Radicant

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