multi-channel video, 5:14min loop

Synchronistically filmed in London and Hawaï, TURN HEART, TURN MY HEART presents itself as a dual screen video piece.

The first screen shows sculptural choreographic movements from my RƎTRO/GRADƎ performance choreographed by Georgia Tegou, danced by Synne Maria Lundesgaard.
Each shot of this film embody moments of surrendering and resistance, tension and resilience; pushing the limits of physical breaking points.⠀
The second screen displays a segment of the United States Geological Survey 24/7 livestream, shot at the summit of Kilauea volcano. ⠀

With matching timecodes, both scenes explore poetic and contemplative pathways towards the construct of an all-encompassing voice and form, blurring the boundaries of human, technological and celestial bodies.
TURN HEART, TURN MY HEART bares witness to the life and breath of beings and forces, to the summoning of one another.

Film available on request.

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